Real estate advertisement calls East New York as ‘The Next Frontier’

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Yeah? Then where are the horses and the saloons and the syphllis. via Curbed

As spotted by Curbed, new apartments at 577 New Lots Avenue in East New York are being advertised as “the next frontier,” which is exactly what Spike Lee just got done yelling at motherfuckers about. The worst part about this ad is that it obviously appeals to someone, maybe even someone you know and love. Beyond that, there’s not much to say, or do, about this, except stare at it until your eye starts twitching and then you eventually start laughing because hey, whatever, nothing matters.

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  1. So, as in they’re going to uproot the indigenous people because of some flimsy, made-up excuse about manifest destiny and then balk when those being removed dare to complain?

    Then okay, I get the ad.

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