Apply now! Nearly 300 affordable apartments are coming to Fort Greene

Impress your friends with how nicely you live vs. how little you make! via website
Impress your friends with how nicely you live vs. how little you make! via website

If you’ve wandered around Fort Greene any time over the last year, then you’ve seen the eyesore of a building that’s been under construction for forever at Ashland and Lafayette. Well, guess what? It turns out that the city wants people to live inside, and on any budget. From the looks of their breakdown, almost half of units in the building qualify as “affordable,” priced drastically below market value (prices below)

250 Ashland is now accepting applications through April, so read on to find out whether you qualify, and what you can look forward to if you win the housing lottery.

You can see the full breakdown of eligibility requirements here, but we’ve listed basic income requirements for the sweetest deals below. Apply here.

$801 studio: $28,835 – 36,300 for one
$861 one-bedroom: $30,926 – $36,300 for one, or up to $41,460 for two
$1,042 two-bedroom: $37,166 – $41,460 for two, up to $46,620 for three, or $51,780 for four
$1,1196 three-bedroom: $42,892 – $46,620 for three, up to $51,780 for four, $55,980 for five or $60,120 for six

Consider double and triple-coupling, folks: if you move into a 2-bedroom with a fellow couple, you could each be paying only $260.50/month! If you do the same in a 3-bedroom with two other couples, each of you could pay only $199.30/month! You’d feel so smug next to the neighbor paying $2500/month for a regularly priced studio.

Building perks include central air, hardwood flooring, dishwashers, stainless steel appliances, washer/dryers in 2 and 3-bedroom units, and a 24-hour doorman. All of the apartments are smoke-free, so the 4/20 friendly are encouraged to seek out other options (since you’ll probably get tattled on by the rich folks who live next door).


As long as you're OK being the eyesore of Atlantic Center, go for it
If you’re OK being a hideous intrusion on the skyline, go for it

Residents of Brooklyn Community Board 2 receive a 50 percent preference (and they’ve got a meeting tomorrow, so you should go schmooze). Municipal employees receive a 5 percent preference, and 5 percent of units will also be set aside for the mobility-impaired, while 2 percent of units set aside for the hearing or visually impaired.

As per usual with affordable housing, there’s no application fee and no broker’s fee! And the lottery is open until April 11 at 11:59pm, so you’ve still got time to apply. But why wait, when you could put your chips down early and forget all about it until decision time? Better to apply today — just in case you actually forget all about it until decision time.

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