Bed Stuy/ Bushwick

Holy crap, $573/month 2-bedrooms in Bed-Stuy

This rendering could be your life
This rendering could be your life

Hey remember when we were all panicking about how Manhattan is cheaper than Brooklyn and Brooklyn’s rents are at a record high? It’s time you use that panic, use it to fuel the speed at which you apply for these $573/month 2-bedroom apartments in Bed-Stuy that are now being offered. You’re probably paying more than $573 per month for your room with roommates that you don’t even like and now you can have TWO rooms and no roommates if you really want to do that.

The exceptionally cheap bedrooms are in a supportive housing building at 437 Herkimer Street for people with mental health issues, according to DNAinfo. The majority of the units are set aside for people who have mental health or addiction issues, but 20 of the units are set aside for people who have “not making a lot of money” issues, which could very well be someone like you.

Depending on your household size, if you make between $21,086 and $51,870 per year, you’re eligible to get picked for one of these 2-bedroom apartments. You can download an application here, but you’ll have to send it in by old fashioned snail mail, if you can remember how to do that. If you apply for this you can rest assured that you’ll hardly be alone, so whatever it is that you do for luck in your life, start doing it right after you send in the application.

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