Hey Brooklyn: How you spending Sandy?

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This is how they do Sandy in DC. What’ve we got, BK?

Bored and stir-crazy yet? No subway and dangerous winds mean we’ll all probably be spending a lot of time getting reacquainted with the inside of our apartments today. What are you using this day off to do? Catch up on work? Have lots of storm sex? Crochet a Tardis doily? Write letters to your congress people? Watch ALL OF NETFLIX? Here are some ways we’re spending the day, but we want to hear yours too:

  • Watching Walking Dead from the beginning on Netflix
  • Cleaning the cat hair off of all our black clothing
  • Finding out what the smell in the fridge is
  • Playing Catchphrase with one other person (only medium fun)
  • Gchatting with people we don’t really like
  • Watch Arrested from start to finish, again
  • Eating pre-made peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough
  • Diving into Pawn Stars on the History Channel
  • Cooking everything out of Goya
  • Finally trying to make¬†prison wine
  • Texting mom that you’re ok! It’s fine!
  • Massaging our beards
  • Catching up on our favorite indie cartoonists
  • Hating our West Coast friends who keep Instagramming another beautiful sunrise
  • Rolling your eyes at our boyfriend’s Sandy puns (sandjobs, ugh)
  • Making kombucha, because that seems like fun
  • Thinking about getting back into that Insanity workout we’ve neglected for a couple weeks
  • Reading about real-life Brooklyn ghost stories
  • Finally settle on a Halloween costume idea.
  • Entering to win a bike (only one day left!)
  • Turning all the Halloween candy that was meant to go to trick-or-treaters into our Hurricane rations.

What are you guys doing? Add your Sandymonium activites below.

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  1. Also, if the power keeps up, going to try for the 25th time to actually beat Chrono Trigger. Odds are the power will go out right before I win though.

  2. I should be apply to jobs or reading, but I can’t help but feel like this time spent with electricity is best spent reading all of my google reader and commenting on blogs…

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