Smell like Williamsburg, for only $30 a bottle

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Which one smells like hot garbage?

We have perhaps run out of niche foods to pasturesmith in Brooklyn — in the past month alone we heard about an artisanal olive oil store and a small-batch artisan bouillon company — so now we’re turning to beauty products. The Brooklyn Grooming Company claims to be Brooklyn’s “first and only men’s grooming line” that is as small-batch, handcranked, vegan, organically sourced as your average jar of fancy mayonnaise these days.

The company makes three Brooklyn flavors of beard oil (of which, as a 31-year-old dude with a beard, I am not entirely sure the purpose): There’s the Fort Greene, which smells “fresh and alive;” Red Hook, which smells like bay rum; and Williamsburg, which smells like three different kinds of wood.

And it costs $36 $30 for a bottle, which may or may not be a good deal, seeing as the only oil that enters this reporter’s beard is of the dripping-off-the-pizza variety (eww). So, who’s going to buy this stuff?

[h/t The Awl]

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  1. I would be disappointed if Brokelyn, a blog about thriftiness, didn’t hate on an expensive, totally unnecessary male cosmetic product. I’d also be disappointed if BGC doesn’t succeed.

  2. There is a company out there with the same concept of brooklyn inspired skin care products. One can not help but believe you copied their concept. wow! not cool!

  3. Who cares if its a hipster brand what does that even mean. Seems to me like you folks are just jeaulous. Spending lots of time posting negative comments.

    The term hipster is ambiguous and quite frankly its hip to hate hipsters.

    Maybe you hate the verry thing you see in yourself. Kudos to people who are creative.

    You can all suck it!

    Oh and I look forward to angry responses:)

    • hating implies jealousy. it’s not being a hater to say that i couldn’t even tell if this was a parody or not when i saw it. this is the stupidest, most corny thing ever. if there’s any confusion as to what is or isn’t hipster bullshit, this is definitely not a part of that confusion. thanks for helping to ruin the greatest city in the world!

  4. This looks like a great product for beards. Everyone appreciates proper grooming and skincare. It’s usually hard to find grooming products for men that work well, smell good, and are worth the price. makes the absolute best beard grooming products for well-groomed and bearded men.

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