Oof! Enter to win a brand-new bike from VANMOOF!

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That sleek VANMOOF look.

We know you brokesters love your bicycles, so we’ve got good news: we’re giving one away. No, we didn’t scrounge up a vintage Huffy with pegs and streamers (that’s so last year). We got our hands on a sweet new game-changing commuter bike from one of the coolest and most conscientious bike makers around: VANMOOF.

VANMOOF, headquartered in the Netherlands (yeah, the country that managed to essentially ban cars from one of its towns), is dedicated to bringing bicycles back to power. In this vein, it has produced the ultimate city bike: the VANMOOF 5. It’s made of light-weight aluminum, so you won’t get a sweaty back after riding over the Manhattan bridge; it’s got an integrated chain lock, so you’ll never lose it; and it’s outfitted with super-bright, pedal-powered Philips lights that are nicely integrated in the frame. The only thing you ever have to do to see and been seen, is hit the switch.

Did we mention this thing looks awesome? Don’t just take our word for it. VANMOOF has won serious design awards for its bikes, including the prestigious Red Dot award and the Dutch Design Award; and the VANMOOF 5 has received the EUROBIKE and BikeExpo awards, among many others.

One of you lucky readers is going to take this baby home. So what are you still doing here? Opt into the contest by giving VANMOOF your email below and earn extra entries by following them on Facebook & Twitter and sharing the contest with your friends.

The VANMOOF Giveaway!

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  1. SWEET!!! I saw one of these bikes before at a shop in Brooklyn called Rolling Orange. Love the design. Sign me up!!

  2. Hielkema from Breukelen, now living in Brooklyn is broke and wants to win a van Moof bicycle via Brokelyn, to keep it close to the Dutch roots.

  3. So cool! Bicycling has changed my life, buried had the same bicycle since 2007 and I’m ready for a new one.

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