Go on a Questlove and 14 other free ideas to get you through the week

Questlove, always looking towards that bright future
Questlove, always looking towards that bright future

1. James Bond is flying in all the way to the Huckleberry BarĀ From Russia with Love and boy are his arms tired (Monday)

2. The Secret Science Club is hosting a discussion on the future of robots and their terrifying future in our society and how they’re going to replace bartenders. But probably not Lena Dunham (Tuesday)

3. The Book Report is a game at the Beauty Bar where you make up whatever you can about a book you’ve never read. So basically like the third through eighth grade (Tuesday)

4. It’s Juneteenth! Celebrate the best part of Texas at the South 4th Bar with cheap Shiner Bock (Wednesday)

5. Transportation Alternatives invites you to hang out at Red Lantern bike shop and talk bike stuff and have a beer on them. Nice guys (Wednesday)

6. Head to WORD and see some pictures of the DC punk and hardcore scene from 1979, right before the brought down the government. That’s what happened, right? (Wednesday)

7. Periel Aschenbrand (coined the phrase “The only bush I trust is my own) stops in to powerHouse to talk about her life on her knees. Not the way you think (Wednesday)

8. Etsy is having worldwide craft parties. The Brooklyn one is all about making fabric puppets for organizations that work with children (Thursday)

9. The Brooklyn Museum is celebrating the 65th birthday of the LP with a dance party hosted by I Love Vinyl. Yep, checks out (Thursday)

10. It’s a hip-hop scheduling battle! In one corner, the free Big Boi Blacklicious show at Prospect Park! (Thursday)

11. In the other, beautiful weirdo ?uestlove discusses his memoir at powerHouse! All we know for sure is that we’re all winners in this fight (Thursday)

12. Comedy show Steamboat chugs into Greenlight for another show, this one featuring G-train lover Rob Paravonian (Thursday)

13. Head to Bar 4 for Tell It: Brooklyn, and your chance to tell your own story after listening to a pro do it (Thursday)

14. Brooklyn Launchpad is hosting an entire day of events for Make Music New York, so just pop in whenever for some free music (Friday)

15. Babeland has some serious summer horniness going on just like you, so they’re having a summer lovin’ party. First ten people get a gift bag that includes a free hot dog. Suggestive (Friday)

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