Go on a mission from God and 14 other free ways to spend the week

blues brothers
That car goes through a hell of a lot of shit

1. It’s St. Patrick’s Day, so you might as well drink. And if you might as well drink, you might as well do it while listening to Irish rock and roll at the Way Station (Monday)

2. Speaking of Irish rock and roll, The Vaderbilt is screening The Commitments and will have corned beef and cabbage on the menu (Monday)

3. Times obit columnist Bruce Weber rode his damn bike all the way across America, so the least you can do is take the short trip to BookCourt to hear him talk about it (Tuesday) 

4. The Brooklyn Public Philosophers talk overcoming the dominant masculinity of our time through human virtue. We’d just punch it out, but that’s probably part of the problem, huh? (Tuesday)

5. Author Saul Austerlitz talks sitcom history at WORD, but he’ll also show some clips of sitcoms, so you won’t have to miss out on your daily TV viewing quota (Tuesday)

6. Problem Solvers sets up shop at the Transit Museum to talk the future of the MetroCard. Will it exist in the distant future? More importantly, will you? (Wednesday)

7. Hear about the best networking resources in Brooklyn and try not to drink too much that you forget them at a meeting of Building a Brooklyn Network (Wednesday)

8. Matt Taibbi, Keith Gessen and a host of other smart person celebrity types talk Russian author Sergei Dovlatov at powerHouse. Bring a date you’re trying to look smart in front of (Wednesday)

9. Check out some free standup comedy at Fada, with Girl Code‘s Tanisha Long, who’ll let you in on the secret encryption codes to unlock girls  (Wednesday)

10. The Saint Catherine is turning one, which is like, 20 in bar years. So to celebrate, happy hour all night, and possibly some cake (Wednesday)

11. Listen to a tale of Mark Twain and his friends in San Francisco who reenergized American literature and were known as bohemians, which is 1860s-speak for “hipster trash” (Thursday)

12. Sometimes you want to drive your car through a mall, but settle for the next best thing and watch Dan Akroyd and John Belushi do it in The Blues Brothers at Videology (Thursday)

13. HippopotaMUSTSEE Comedy isn’t just offering jokes this time, they’ve also got a raffle where each Sailor Jerry’s drink gets you a chance to get a free tattoo. Combining tattoos and alcohol is always fun! (Friday)

14. Chiptune bleep and bloopers Anamanaguchi are playing the Brooklyn Night Bazaar, so you can get your fix of music that sounds like the Sonic the Hedgehog theme, but isn’t (Friday)

15. It’s supposed to be getting warmer according to the calendar, but even if it’s not, it’ll be hot as fiyah at The Diamond’s reggae night (Friday)

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