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If you’re anything like us, you mitigated the stress of the endless winter with bacon burgers, beer, and frozen pizza. Spring is finally here, but with it comes the reminder that summer swimsuit season is right around the corner. All that junk food may have gotten you through the cold and the dark, but it’s wreaked havoc on your waistline. If you’re worried about eclipsing the sun at the beach this year, we’ve got a giveaway that can help you eat healthier.

Jennifer Schonborn, a Brooklyn-based, AADP-certified holistic nutrition counselor, helps clients who are either looking to lose weight, alleviate digestive problems, reduce stress, recover from past eating disorders, or who simply want a healthier, more wholesome life.

Jennifer sits down with you first for a free consultation, which you can sign up for here, to determine what your food and health issues are and to establish some goals for you.

Her plans don’t involve crash diets or starvation regimens. Once you sign on for a program, Jennifer breaks your dietary transition into discrete, manageable steps to ensure that your habits change slowly and you move towards permanent healthier food choices. “My approach is to introduce the healthier foods and crowd out the unhealthy foods,” she says.

You meet with Jennifer twice a month for three or six months (depending on your program) to discuss how her suggestions are working and to take on more. In addition, Jennifer offers email support, sample foods, and nutritional guides. And, according to her past clients, this gradual system works.

Jennifer is giving our winner a free consultation and two free counseling sessions worth $250. All you need to do is submit your name and email below and you’ll be signed up for the contest and Jennifer’s nutrition newsletter. As usual, you can earn extra entries by following, liking, and retweeting Jennifer’s pages and referring friends. And even if you’re not the lucky winner, you can still take advantage of her initial hour-long consultation. So send her an email and she’ll gladly help you shake those winter food blues.

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