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Warby Parker is currently giving away free solar eclipse glasses

Yasss! It’s true! And they haven’t run out (yet). But you have to get there RIGHT. NOW. The BK location is sold out, however eyeglass company Warby Parker’s Soho, Meatpacking District and Upper East Side locations still have glasses available. Two glasses are permitted per person. So if your beau has got to work through this epic deal, you can pick up an extra pair and make their motherfucking day.

I don’t know if you’ve had the same experience as myself: you bought your eclipse glasses on Amazon months ago to beat the crowds, only to read last week that many of those companies were potential scams? You Google frantically and can’t find any evidence of the company your glasses are from even exists. You can’t even find the “CEO” of this “company” online. You check Amazon for remaining products. And you’re all like, “LOLOLOLOL I’m a part-time babysitter, I can’t pay $200 for plastic glasses, I don’t even make that much per week.” You cry. You wonder, “Well maybe the scam glasses will still work?” You check, Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, and Best Buy. They’ve got nothing. You check the libraries. They’re out. You go back to Amazon, again. You cry, again.

And then, after accepting your fate of not being able to see the eclipse, you wake up to your beau saying, “Warby Parker is giving out free, certified eclipse glasses.” And holy shit, you RUN to their Soho store. (Well I called first, to make sure they were still in stock.)


Photo via Warby Parker
Photo via Warby Parker

Guys, it was so easy. I walked into the store, was directed to the eye exam area and given two free glasses. It literally took 30 seconds. They did not try to make me schedule an eye exam. They did not force me to try on frames before I was given the free eclipse glasses. This is not a gimmick to get you in their store. They really just want people to be able to experience the eclipse. I don’t wear glasses so I have never needed to check out their products, but I have plenty of friends that love Warby Parker. I get it now. They really just care. (Sorry if this sounds like sponsored content, but after searching for a full week for affordable glasses, it feels like Warby Parker is doing God’s work, okay?)

Now that you’ve got your glasses for free, why not splurge and go all in with some solar eclipse wine, check out’s recommendations for the best cannabis to create the best atmosphere to watch the eclipse, or I dunno, buy some solar eclipse soap? Allegedly they have eclipse poop (it’s chocolate), but you can’t buy it online. Bummer.  How can anyone truly enjoy the solar eclipse without poop?

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