Get free beer, free skee-ball on Monday courtesy of Brewskee-Ball

brewskee ball
Let’s roll. via Facebook

Sports never stop in America, whether you’re obessesing about the World Cup, the possbility of an imporbable Rangers come back or the disappointing Mets or boring Yankees. Those sports all happen at a distance though, so how about a sporting competition you can be more directly involved in, like Brewskee-Ball? The bar-based skee-ball league is kicking off their summer season on Monday with a party at the Full Circle Bar. A party with free beer and free skee-ball.

The Brewskee-Ball Kickoff Jamboree on Monday at 7pm will get the summer Brewskee-Ball season started right, with a two hour Gennessee open bar and free skee-ball all night at Williamsburg’s Full Circle Bar (318 Grand Street). At the party, league members will be able to enter a raffle that benefits Brewskee-Ball’s legal fund Skee the People to fight against Skee-Ball over whether they can keep their name, with a prize of free drinking an entire season.

Hey, you want to play skee-ball an drink for free every week this summer. The skeeson starts on Monday June 22, so you’ve still got time to join up with the league. Just email your skee-ball/beer pun team name (Brewin’ It Well, Skee Amigos, etc.), your team roster of three rollers and alternates and the night you’d prefer to roll (Sunday, Monday or Wednesday) to join [AT] brewskeeball.com. Registration is $60 for the team, and each roller pays $10 per week to roll, but in addition to all the skee-ball action, on Weeks 1 and 6 you also get a “Match Pack” card good for 10 free Gennesees at Full Circle.

If you don’t want to pay the registration fee (and why would you?), we can help you out. Brewskee-Ball  has told us that they’ll give free registration to the person with the best team name in the comments. Presumably you can do better than the examples we gave up there, so leave us your best skee-ball/beer pun in the comments by 5pm on Friday June 20 and we’ll pick our favorite, with the winner getting free registration. Hey, $60 more to spend on beer.

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