Brewskee-Ball rolls out skee-ball art show to raise money for trial with Big Skee-Ball

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Did you know that Vigo liked the drink and roll? Now you do. via Skee the People

You might have been under the impression that something as magical as the combination of drinking beer and playing skee-ball wouldn’t be controversial. We know that we were. Well, it turns out we were all wrong. The minds behind Brewskee-Ball, the skee-ball and drinking sport, are locked in a legal deathmatch with the Skee-Ball Inc., who say that “skee-ball” is a trademarked term and are looking to get Brewskee-Ball to change their name. Breskee-Ball is trying to raise money for their legal efforts with a crowdfunding effort, and now, an art show at Full Circle Bar with skee-ball-themed paintings called The Art of Skee-Ball.

According to a press release we just got, The Art of Skee-Ball will present skee-ball paintings by J.P. Rautio based on classic works of art such as The Scream, The Girl With The Pearl Earring and uh, Vigo the Carpathian from Ghostbusters II at Full Circle Bar (318 Grand Street, Williamsburg) from May 14 through June 6. Tomorrow, May 14 is the official opening night of the art show, at Full Circle from 8pm to 10pm.

You can buy the actual copies of the paintings themselves, although the cheapest one comes in at $3,000, so we’d recommend that one for serious art collectors only. On the other hand, you can also get prints of the paintings for just $75 each, which is a more manageable amount of money to pay for art that will cause your friends to say “Oh hey, it’s got skee-ball in it.”¬†Either way, all proceeds of the sales go towards Skee the People, Brewskee Ball’s legal defense effort in their trademark battle with Big Skee-Ball. It’s one to have to change their name to “Rolling Ball Drinking Game” because a judge says you, it’s something else entirely to not even have the money to get lawyers to fight it out.

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