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Brokelyn gets action! Brucie doing a Run The Jewels menu

run the jewels menu
Run ’em

UPDATE 2: Brucie’s emailed us again to let us know that the dinner is being moved to mid-May in order to take advantage of the backyard and provide more of a party atmosphere.

UPDATE: Zhara emailed us to tell us that conflicting schedules has forced the menu back until March 20, instead of March 6.

Never let it be said that Brokelyn isn’t here, for YOU. After making a joke for two straight years about how we want to see Brooklyn hero and hip-hop force El-P honored with his own menu, a la Beyonce and Kimye, we got an email last night from Brucie‘s owner and head chef letting us know that they’re gonna take up the challenge. Prepare your taste buds for a RTJ assault, if you think you can even do that.

The email that we got from head chef and owner Zahra Tangorra that broke the good news reads:

Thanks so much for featuring our Kim & Kanye Vday!! I noticed the proposal at the end to create a “Run the Jewels 2” menu……… challenge excepted! I grew up on a healthy breakfast of Def Jux.  Know some of those cats pretty well. So consider it done, Brucie will be making a Run the Jewels 2 menu March 6th.  Think “Company Dough-nuts.” Ask and you shall receive!!!

If we were bigger food people we’d probably hazard some more guesses as to what other items will be on the menu besides “Bisque In Her Mouth All Day” and “Banana Clipper Bread,” but we’re sure the Tangorra will break something out that does those boys right. If you’re still unfamiliar with Run the Jewels, despite the fact that they made one of the best albums of the year in 2014, here they are performing on Conan.

See you March 6.


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