Good life: Brucie serving up a Kimye-themed menu on Valentine’s Day

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Take your motorcycle there!

You may have noticed that with today’s date, we’ve officially crossed into the moment where there’s less than one month left until Valentine’s Day. No pressure, but definitely start scrambling for romantic things to do, perhaps even the MOST romantic thing you can do. One idea? Head to Cobble Hill’s Brucie, where Eater notes they’re serving up a Kimye-themed V-Day menu with items like Mak N Kheese and All Foie’s Down. You get it? You get it.

If you’re thinking this sounds familiar, that’s because last year Brucie celebrated Valentine’s Day with a Beyonce-themed menu. Rather than do the same thing, looks like Brucie is deciding to go with the oddly controversial couple, who at the very least are honest about how much more fabulous their lives are than yours. As opposed to last year’s offerings where you could pick and choose, this year’s menu is a $100 per person prix fixe that forces you to choose the Kim or Kanye path.

kimye menu brucie

In honor of Brucie offering another hip-hop Valentine’s Day menu, we’ll renew our request for any restaurants out there to make an El-P (or Run the Jewels) menu. We know someone out there wants to do it.

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