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Brucie breaks out Beyonce-themed Valentine’s Day menu

beyonce brucie
Beyonce enjoying normal human activities like riding the Cyclone

Were you planning on going out to eat for Valentine’s Day? You could go with boring, regularly-named meal items like spaghetti or salmon. Or, you could gorge yourself on a Beyonce-themed Valentine’s Day menu at Cobble Hill restaurant Brucie, which will be serving up things like “Put A Ring On It” calamari and Jay-Ziti. Yep, that’s right, even on Valentine’s Day, your life is eclipsed by Beyonce.

Now, when we say you can do that, we probably don’t mean that you can do that, because the three course menu still has Rocafella-level prices that’ll run you around $70 for just the cheapest course comination. But, you can at least imagine what it would be like to eat things like 22 Days Vegan, I Am Pasta Fierce and Reasonable Trout.

beyonce menu brucie

Just a suggestion, but if any cheaper Bushwick restaurants want to break out an El-P-themed menu for Valentine’s Day, or any day really, get at us.

[h/t Time]

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