Fun new map shows evolution of NYC rent since 2009! Spoiler alert: it goes up

Watch as your favorite neighborhoods go from light red to dark red. via Curbed
Watch as your favorite neighborhoods go from light red to dark red. via Curbed

You know what we don’t have enough of? Maps. Especially maps that show rent. We do not have nearly enough rent maps. Where are all the rent maps? Just kidding, obviously. We have all the rent maps. Including this latest map by Curbed NY, which color-codes the evolution of New York City and Brooklyn rent using StreetEasy rent data collected since 2009.

The results are unsurprising, but they do give you a fun and interactive way to muse about the day you will be priced out of your neighborhood and move to Connecticut. 

Using this map you can watch as, year by year, Williamsburg gets more expensive, going from $2,500 in 2009 to $3,099 in 2015. But hey, that’s one dollar cheaper than it was in 2012 ($3,100)!

You can also click through the years to watch East New York suddenly pop up onto the map as becoming more expensive than the median—probably because someone named it the “next frontier,” right?

The general caveat of median-rent trolling is that there’s no information about how many bedrooms there were in each census-ed unit. I mean, we’re assuming you only get one bedroom for your $2,500 in Williamsburg. Which is deeply depressing. But it is kind of fun to watch things turn a “brilliant red,” even if the red is foreshadowing for the day we all pay our rent in blood when we can’t afford it in dollars anymore.

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