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Free class tonight will teach you how to squat. No, in apartments

If you squatted here, you'd be home by now. via Flickr user NCinDC
If you squatted here, you’d be home by now. via Flickr user NCinDC

New York has high rents. This is a thing we’re all aware of. Another thing that New York has (although not as much as it used to) is vacant property. And if no one is living in abandoned, vacant buildings, why don’t you just do it? Better you fix it up and live there than some bank just sit and let it rot, right? That’s the philosophy one group will be advocating tonight, and you can learn all about it if you stop by their class that will teach you the squatting skills you need to make it in NYC.

Tonight at 8pm at lefty headquarters The Base (1302 Myrtle Avenue, Bushwick), Frank Morales will be leading a class on the how’s and what’s of squatting. The invite for the class notes that there’s so much vacant property in New York we could house our homeless population three times over, so seriously, someone may as well do something with it.

Sure it sounds like it could be some kind of dastardly police trap to sweep up a bunch of leftists in one big net. But what if it’s not and you learn how the techniques and tactics to help you get and hold on to a vacant piece of property? And sure you could use if for your own selfish ends to live rent-free or establish some kind of terrible drug den. But you could also use it to help out New York’s homeless population, which we imagine the organizers of the class would prefer.

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