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Celebrate art and mingling with free burgers, beer and ice cream at Shwick’s BOS kickoff Thursday

Yeah sure, we love hamburger art. We mean art. We just love art. via Duncan's Burgers
Yeah sure, we love hamburger art. We mean art. We just love art. via Duncan’s Burgers

When your pockets are feeling a little light because the first of the month has ravaged your bank account (like now), you can take comfort in knowing there’s probably free wine to be had at an art exhibit opening reception somewhere. If the gallery is really fancy some hors d’oeuvres not straight from a Costco party platter might make an appearance too. Might.

Bushwick’s Shwick market isn’t super fancy, but that isn’t stopping them from breaking out the free stuff for their Bushwick Open Studios programming kickoff, with Thursday’s reception for the Shwick Open Studios adding free beer, ice cream and burgers to the art.

In collaboration with the Bushwick Open Studios Shwick Market is hosting the work of 10 artists who’ll be featured in their Shwick Open Studios this weekend. And for the love of art and mingling Braven Brewing Company will provide free beer, Duncan’s Burgers is shelling out 100 free sliders and Urnie’s Buttercup will give away 100 scoops of ice cream in two flavors, Cherimoya, known as soursop in the West Indies, and Peach Zinfadel, a wine flavored concoction.

The saying the early bird catches the worm is cliched and gross (worms? eewww) but in this case so true. There’s a limited amount of free food and beer so come early to view what could be the next Basquiat with a burger in one hand and a beer in the other. Or a beer in one hand and ice cream in the other? You can figure out what you’re doing with your hands this Thursday. The culture begins at 6pm and ends at 11.

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