Flew the coop: Best Wings in Brooklyn tragically canceled

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What is it about beautiful (and not so beautiful) Brooklyn institutions and tragedy befalling them lately? At this rate, we urge the folks behind the Wonder Wheel to quadruple check the fasteners before they open it, lest the wheel break free and roll all the way into the ocean. Why are we so hysterical? Cooked meat extravaganza Best Wings in Brooklyn has been canceled due to a fire at the Red Star bar. We won’t lie, we almost cried when we were told.

It sounds like everyone there was safe and it didn’t completely devastate the bar, but they just haven’t been able to get everything back to normal enough to host a big hungry crowd demanding meat everywhere the eye can see. And while there aren’t any wings in it, we’d still recommend making a donation to the Theodore Atlas Foundation. It sucks that we don’t get any wings, but it’s even worse for them because they lose out on the money they would have raised for Sandy relief from the competition. Meanwhile, we’ll be in our panic room, refusing to come out until someone guarantees to us that no more calamities will befall things we love.

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