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Ride the Wonder Wheel for free on opening day

And after all, you're our Wonder Wheel. via Facebook
And after all, you’re our Wonder Wheel. Photo by James and Karla Murphy, via Facebook

OK, so it’s snowing, in March. Might not be the best time to be thinking about frolicking on the beach when it’s so hot that your sweat is sweating. Or maybe it’s actually the perfect time to be doing that. Keeps you warm. Whatever side of the debate you come down on, both sides can agree on one thing: riding the Wonder Wheel is great, doing it for free is even better. Oh and hey, look at that, when the Wonder Wheel opens on March 24, everyone can ride for free.

Ordinarily, the rides were free for a select group of adorable moppets from the Salt N Sea Mission, but this year, probably owing to everyone feeling good in the wake of slow but steady Sandy recovery, EVERYONE can ride the Wonder Wheel for free. There’s a little bit more to the event than just being really excited about a ferris wheel though. So as to prevent terrible calamities and give the park an overall feeling of good juju, the Wonder Wheel and all other Coney Island rides will be blessed by Debbie Santiago, of the Mission, at 11am. It’s on a Sunday too, so you won’t even technically be skipping church. You’ll just be worshipping at a much more colorful church, devoted to sweet views and relief from the summer doldrums.

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  1. Deno's Wonder Wheel

    Thanks for the wonder-ful write-up–you really caught the spirit of this year’s Opening Day. Hope to see you at the Blessing on March 24!

    Please note the photo of the Wheel should be credited to James and Karla Murray from from their new book “New York Nights.”

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