Find the pot o’ gold in the crack house and 12 other free events this week

Never been tooken out, keeps MCs lookin' out
Never been tooken out, keeps MCs lookin’ out

1. Watch classic music videos and bowl. Have a competition to see who among your friends can say “I’m throwing rocks tonight.” (Monday)

2. See seven plays at 61 Local for the price of one. If that one play you were thinking of was free (Monday)

3. The Franklin Park Reading Series turns four! What should you get it? We don’t know. Do four-year-olds still like the Power Rangers? (Monday)

4. Bad Movie Brooklyn sets up at Berry Park to share the godfather of ‘hoodsploitation horror, Leprechaun In The Hood (Tuesday)

5. The Secret Science Club teaches you all about how your brain forms memories. Should be a…wait, what were we talking about? (Tuesday)

6. Unlike chain store drag queens, Tandem’s are sustainably raised at a free-range farm. So show them some love, instead of going to RuPaul-Mart (Tuesday)

7. Watch two men tilt at windmills discuss ways to solve New York’s transit problems, at the Transit Museum (Wednesday)

8. It’s Spring Training for baseball, but also for trivia, as TrivWorks stops in at the Bell House for 80s trivia, to prep you for their 90s v 00s Pat Kiernan-hosted trivia later this month (Wednesday)

9. Freddy’s is doing show-and-tell, and unlike in kindergarten, no one will call your house if you show up with a dildo (Wednesday)

10. Is a novel about Typhoid Mary being a victim the #slatepitches of novels? Find out at Greenlight Books! (Thursday)

11. BrooklynONE kicks off their 2013 reading series with a performance of a Brooklyn adaptation of French satire of manners, The Misanthrope (Thursday)

12. Get in touch with your sensitive side at Steel Magnolias at Videology (Thursday)

13. The Paper Box hosts a one-night exhibition of artwork based on thrift stores. Finally, you can sound like an expert while talking about art and not just try to bullshit your way through it (Friday)

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