Enter a world of pure imagination and 12 other free ideas this week

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Oh, you’d like to see a free movie? Well come right this way

1. Tao Lin brings his awkward prose to BookCourt for a night of social engagement (Monday)

2. Go Up at East River Park. Warning: the beginning montage will give you a case of the sads (Monday)

3. Rakim and Big Daddy Kane are together at Wingate Field. Bring your best b-boy pose (Monday)

4. Colum McCann reads from his novel about Irish and American history, TransAtlantic, at Books Beneath the Bridge. So wear green, like St. Patrick’s Day! (Monday)

5. Learn to grow plants that are native to New York’s ecosystem, like the squawking hydrangea and the rushing daisy, at Brooklyn Bridge Park (Tuesday)

6. What’s the movie series that won’t cop out, when there’s danger all about? Red Hook Flicks! Where, coincidentally, they’re showing Shaft (Tuesday)

7. Get an even bigger head about Brooklyn by learning about how the waterfront was a major strategic area in both the American Revolution and the Civil War (Wednesday)

8. You’ve got a golden ticket to see Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory at Brooklyn Bridge Park. But so does everyone else in Brooklyn, so maybe get there early to get a good seat (Thursday)

9. One of the members of Prodigy wrote a novella, so check out his book release at powerHouse or he’ll stomp a mudhole in your ass (Thursday)

10. Hey hey they’re the Monkees and they’d like you to see their career-destroying psychedelic romp Head at Videology (Thursday)

11. Go see Smokey Robinson kick it old school in Coney Island. If you skip it, he’ll be crying the tears of a clown (Thursday)

12. Babeland knows you’ve got summer Fridays, so they say come get drunk on happy our cocktails and browse sex toys when you get out of work early (Friday)

13. Head On pits punk against glam, in the fight that should have happened years ago. Oh well, no time like the present for fisticuffs dance-offs (Friday)

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