Enroll in Rock ‘n’ Roll High School and 11 other free events this week

Fun fun, oh baby, fun fun
Fun fun, oh baby, fun fun

1. A professional psychotherapist stops by BookCourt to talk about the WAR over the DSM V. Maybe he’ll diagnose you while he’s there (Monday)

2. Gowanus Open Studios is here to remind people that art happens in places south of Williamsburg, so see what they’re all about at their launch party (Monday)

3. McSweeney’s and Vanity Fair cartoonist Lisa Hanwalt drops by Powerhouse to talk about her wacky illustrations (Monday) 

4. Our own Kate Mooney gets up to read at a semi-final round of the Literary Upstart competition at Spike Hill. Go Kate! (Tuesday)

5. New York a la Cart will teach you how to make your own street food, and there’s a party for its release at WORD (Tuesday)

6. The Secret Science Club booked a neuroscientist to talk to all of you about your delicious brains and how they work (Tuesday)

7. Head back to Spike Hill to participate in an auction that funds Sandy relief efforts. We continue to defy you, hurricane! (Wednesday)

8. The Zaarly Bazaar comes back to Williamsburg, and you still get $20 to shop when you show up, which we continue to insist is a little bazaar. We got jokes! (Wednesday)

9. It’s Bike Night at the Brooklyn Brewey, and you know what that means: $2 pints! (Wednesday)

10. Brooklyn Fireproof invites you to appreciate up-and-coming black women filmmakers, because god knows Hollywood isn’t going to (Thursday)

11. Or, in a different film-related event, head to Videology for a screening of Rock ‘N’ Roll High School. Fun fact: the “Hey, pizza” line was almost too much for Dee Dee Ramone to get right (Thursday)

12. It’s the final Robyn-themed dance party of 2013, so make sure you bring your body talk translator (Friday)

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