Enjoy the Silence at Feeling Gloomy’s Depeche Mode party Saturday

Feel free to incorporate any of these moves into your dancing

25 years ago Depeche Mode released Violator and we all got the personal Jesus we’d desperately needed. We still Just Can’t Get Enough of this this early electro masterpiece, and to commemorate it Feeling Gloomy is throwing 25 Years Vio-Later, the Depeche Mode party where you can take a break from enjoying the silence and dance to your favorite dark synthpop cuts.

Even if you’re feeling sick tomorrow, Shake the Disease and head over to Grand Victory at 11pm to for a night of dancing, lipsyncing contests where you can win a free Depeche Mode vinyl, homemade Depeche Mode cakes, and some warm, if gloomy, company. We trust DJs Gordon and Nathaniel Gloom will Get the Balance Right between britpop, synthpop, and general sad anglodance. Tickets are $4 in advance, or $6 at the door, so be sure to save those Precious $2 and reserve your ticket here. You’re asked to dress to depress but don’t believe the Blasphemous Rumours, you’ll have a good time even if you are in depress mode. Winter’s almost over and you’ll soon be forced to listen to birds and Mr. Softee and other awful bright sounds, so embrace the last bits of winter darkness with Feeling Gloomy.

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