Email subscribers: Win two pairs of tickets to two Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival shows!

michael che
Whether you tell him you think he’s a cutie pie or not is entirely up to you

Hey, remember the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival? We certainly hope so, we just told you about it last week. Anyway, leaving your terrible memory aside, we imagine you saw the news and said “Boy I’d like to go to a show at that festival that objectifies some comedians, and maybe go to another one with rising comic stars.” Well, we are nothing if not obliging to very specific requests, so if you subscribe to our weekly email, you’ll have the chance to win a pair of tickets to A Night of Cutie Pies, featuring Michael Che and Jon Glaser, and¬†5 Comics to Watch Get on Variety’s 10 Comics to Watch List¬†featuring Jena Friedman and Maeve Higgins.

That’s right, we’re not content giving you tickets to just one comedy show, even if both of these will obviously be great and funny. We want to give you two free tickets to TWO comedy shows, so you can spend Friday laughing at comedians who’ve been deemed cutie pies at the Bell House and then spend Saturday laughing at comedians who are so up-and-coming that Variety wishes they knew about them.

Usually it would cost you $60 to treat you and a friend to such a fun weekend, but if you sign up for our weekly email blast, it’ll cost you zero dollars and you’ll also be clued in to all the best news stuff happening around Brooklyn. Man, what a deal, we wish we could win. We’ll let the winner of the contest know at noon on Monday, because we want to keep you guys on edge all weekend about who’s gonna get to make eyes at Michael Che.

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