The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival is back to restore your faith in laughter

We can't promise you won't end up at the bottom of a human pyramid, but it'll be worth it.
We can’t promise you won’t end up at the bottom of a human pyramid, but it’ll totally be worth it.

There’s no scarcity of comedy shows here in Brooklyn, which could make you think you’ve filled your laugh quota. No. You are wrong. Stop being wrong. The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival is back for its 7th year and once again it’s got some pretty funny names, or rather some normal names that represent funny people.

Eugene Mirman, host of StarTalk Live!, the voice of Gene on Bob’s Burgers, candidate for Whole Foods art display and general Brooklyn comedy fixture will be bringing a whole bunch of comics to the Bell House and Union Hall for five nights from September 18-22. We know you’d sometimes rather sit home not laughing, but why not try a different tack for once?

For instance, you could see Ira Glass, Dave Hill and other talented folks at Gowanus Idol, which will probably be more fun than American Idol. Catch a Pretty Good Friends with Wyatt Cenac and Jon Glaser (ask him about penis papercuts), or see comedy poetry at Union Hall. What is comedy poetry? We’re not sure, but there’s only one way to find out.

The shows will only run you $10 $20, but if you’re really nuts, you could always shell out for the $500 VIP express pass, which gets you and a friend into all the shows (including the sold out Star Talk shows, for nerds) along with a gift basket from Eugene Mirman itself. Although all the gift basket has is two “cumbersome” drink tickets, generic Excedrin and whatever else Mirman decides to put in it. Sounds pretty important to us.

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  1. The Drunk Show where that human pyramid happened is still one of the strangest, most brilliant, most awkward nights of comedy I’ve ever seen. I think people who were there are still not sure whether it was a success or a thing that made everyone feel bad, much like an actual night of drinking.

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