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Eight more cheap date-night ideas

Rubulad, photo by Mike Connor.
Rubulad, photo by Mike Connor.

After a commenter raved about the random-Brooklynite-recommended cheap-date spots we featured last month, we decided to go out and dig up some more.

So we went to Prospect and McCarren parks over the weekend and grilled more strangers on their  favorites places for wallet-friendly romance, and once again, were totally impressed by the ideas. If you’re venturing out this weekend, considering trying one of these eight reader-suggested venues—and let us know how it went.

Rubulad, 338 Flushing Ave., Bedford Stuyvesant, 718-782-8523
“The DIY venues are a good spot for dates. One particular, Rubulad, has food and screenings that are kind of a backdrop to a dance party.  It’s sort of irregular and entry is like 15 bucks.  Then you still have to pay for food, but it isn’t bad for an entire night out.” — Syd, Bed-Stuy

Fette Sau, 354 Metropolitan Ave.,  South Side Williamsburg, 718-963-3404
“Fette Sau is a bar and BBQ joint with whiskey flights at group prices from $10-20.  I didn’t try the food because I was vegetarian at the time, but it looked good at least.  The place isn’t the most intimate, but I’d definitely go there on a date.” — Anna Beeke, Williamsburg

Endless Summer Taco Truck, photo by Ultraclay.
Endless Summer Taco Truck, photo by Ultraclay.

Endless Summer Taco Truck, N. 6th St. and Bedford Ave., Williamsburg, 347-400-8128
“You can get a taco for $2.50 and I always go for the side of grilled corn.  It’s something you can eat if you want to go walking around with your date; so it makes for a nice, quick meal.” — Eddie Roth, Williamsburg

El Viejo Yayo, 36 Fifth Ave., Park Slope, 718-622-9640
“Yayo on 5th Avenue and Bergen is good for affordable, authentic Spanish food.  You can eat for about $20 a person.” — Doris Bourdier, Crown Heights

Stolovaya, 813 Ave. U, Sheepshead Bay, 718-787-0120
“I would recommend Stolovaya for the experience of Russian culture as much as the food.  But the chicken or lamb dumplings are delicious and really filling for $4.50 a plate.” — Dimitri T., Prospect Heights

Beef miso gratin at Zenkichi, photo by Francis Kirigin.
Beef miso gratin at Zenkichi, photo by Francis Kirigin.

Zenkichi, 77 N. 6th St, Williamsburg, 718-388-8985
“For a nicer date, Zenkichi is reasonably priced and there are (semi) private rooms with little bells for calling the servers.  They have really exotic Japanese food, not the type you’d find at the standard sushi bar.” — Alex M., Williamsburg

Rooftop Films: Underground Movies Outdoors, see schedule for location, 718-417-7362
“Rooftop Films on the old American Can Factory or the lawn of the Automotive High School are a pretty good time.  They usually show documentaries or shorts of underground and independent stuff.  And sometimes there is an open bar to follow.” — Kelly Barlow, Williamsburg

Seaport Buffet, 2027 Emmons Ave., Sheepshead Bay, 718-934-3388
“Seaport Buffet, oh yeah, they have everything.  I love the seafood and it’s all for $7.99.” — Nora Berryirtos, Bed-Stuy


  1. These sound fantastic! I can’t wait to try them. Especially the $4.50 people watching with dinner. Just one question for
    this isn’t corn on the cob, is it? I don’t know many women that like watching me pick corn silk out of my teeth while “walking around with” her. Do you?

  2. Urban Inks

    Alligator Lounge (Metropolitan in Williamsburg & Franklin Ave. in Greenpoint) offers a free personal cheese pizza with the purchase of a regular priced drink (pint $6) from 6 pm – Midnight!

  3. Rubulad isn’t an actual venue, it’s a communal living space that holds events a few times a month. People live there, so you can’t really just “drop by” whenever and expect a party and dinner to be available.

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