Daft Punk dance party! And 16 other weekend ideas

daft punk
Pay tribute to the unappreciated robots of Daft Punk at Union Hall on Saturday night

1. Kevin Corrigan sits down with Jonathan Ames and Michael Rapaport at Over the Eight. Hey, Rapaport has worked with Spike Lee, maybe he’ll talk about the rant heard ’round the world Brooklyn (Friday)

2. Beast is turning nine years old, and like every good nine-year-old’s birthday, there’s gonna be free beer and hors d’oeuvres (Friday)

3. Hey there Browncoat, Videology is showing a couple episodes of Firefly, so why not go nerd out with your fellow Filliacs (Friday)

4. LoftOpera is performing La Boheme for one more weekend, so it’s now or never if you’re gonna pretend you’re a mature, cultured individual (Friday, Saturday)

5. You’ve got one more chance to find love, or have it assigned to you, at futuristic dating game/play FutureMate (Friday, Saturday)

6. There’s still plenty of Beer Week left this weekend, and then after that, you’ll just have to go back to drinking for no other reason than “life” (Friday – Sunday)

7. Learn to make your own patterned stationary at the Greenpoint Library, because you’re tired of scrawling your manifesto on greasy fast food napkins (Saturday)

8. The Brooklyn Museum’s First Saturday is devoted entirely to women this month, for Women’s History Month. Please don’t go and ask when Men’s History Month is (Saturday)

9. Buy something nice that will only be available for a week at the opening of the Vintage Shaun and Dee Lioness pop up shop (Saturday)

10. Party so hard you wind up in space at the Destination Moon dance party and art exhibit (Saturday)

11. You can either celebrate Mardi Gras with a party called Thunder Gumbo, or you can not do it and wonder for the rest of your life why you didn’t (Saturday)

12. Poor unappreciated dance robots Daft Punk are finally getting the tribute dance party they deserve at Union Hall (Saturday)

13. Dig through crates to the lovely background nose of falling pins at Brooklyn Bowl’s Collect-I-Bowl record fair (Sunday)

14. If you want more Mardi Gras after Thunder Gumbo, and of course you do, hit up the Crown Heights Pub Crawl (Sunday)

15. Halyards knows you’re only watching the Oscars for the drinking games, so they’re obliging you with one at their Oscars party. They’ve got trivia too, if you want more games (Sunday)

16. Winning Barcade’s chili competition should take the sting out of losing at Burger Time all those other times you’ve been there (Sunday)

17. Videology is rolling out an actual red carpet and letting you vote on who’s gonna take home the tiny naked man statues from the Academy Awards at their Oscars party (Sunday)

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