De Blasio infographic says we’re “literally in a housing emergency”

Who will save us? Where is Housingman?
Who will save us? Where is Housingman?

We’re already well aware that the city’s housing situation is in dire straits. But if a visual cue is what you need to be reminded of it, then take a look at this nifty video by City Hall, courtesy of Mayor Tall.

It’s mostly lilting piano music and cheesy infographics, but the city’s video still does a decent job of explaining why it’s important to keep an eye on affordable housing. As you might remember, Brokelyn’s already told you about a few of those units already accepting applications.

The Housing New York page crunches numbers to give you actual statistics about why affordable housing is the business, but this video is prettier, and makes you feel warmer inside. After all, says the video, we just want to keep whatever makes New York New York—and it definitely has nothing to do with watching Taylor Swift say “bodega.

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  1. Are you kidding? Housing is not a “basic right” in one of the most famous and expensive cities in the world. There are plenty of places outside of NYC where people can find affordable homes. I scrimp and save to be able to live here and when the day comes that I grow tired of the hustle then I will move on out and the next person with drive can take my place. I am not entitled to a home in the 5 boroughs. just because I want to be here and neither is anyone else Thanks for sharing the propaganda.

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