Oh snap! $600/month studios and 2-bedrooms Downtown

city point
Okay, it’s time to try to live here. Photo by David Colon

You might remember last month when we told you about the 200 units of affordable housing coming to Downtown Brooklyn as part of the City Point project. Or maybe you don’t, a month is a long time and your brain melted in the heat. Anyway, they’ll be open to welcome you in to your affordable home any day now, so it means that the application process for these apartments has begun. Even if you hate filling out forms, we think you should pay attention here, because for $651/month studios and $655 2-bedrooms, most of us would probably fill out a Mount Everest made of forms.

The full breakdown of the apartments can be found here, but needless to say, these are some dang affordable apartments that you can fight with the rest of the proletariat population for. 13 $651/month studios (and one $500/month one)! 15 $699/month 1-bedrooms! 14 $849/month 2-bedrooms! Keep in mind, those are just a few of the options in the $18,000 – $30,000/year income range. There are also quite a few apartments in what passes for middle class in crazy boomtown New York, if you’ve managed to put together a family making a combined $140,000/year at most. Want one? Apply today.

The usual caveats to this apply, like how 50% of the units are being set aside for Community Board 2 residents, and you’ll have to actually fill out your application correctly and have decent credit and also have the luck to win a lottery that close to 100,000 people will probably apply for. Not that we’re trying to make you discouraged and not apply for an apartment because we want one. We wouldn’t do that to you, we’re your pals!

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    • David Colon

      It seems silly and shitty, but that’s why I mentioned “what passes for middle class.” In that sense, if you’re two people making $140,000/year together, that rent for the year totals less than 30% of your income, so you’re not rent burdened and your apartment is “affordable.” Should the city be in the business of making sure people making that much money aren’t rent burdened? That’s a good question.

      • I’m middle class… and frankly I’m a little sick and tired of my options for an apartment being a somewhat nice place in a shit hole, or a shitty sardine can in a desirable area. I’m sick of seeing these posts period. There is absolutely no help for the middle class at all. What you get is a high rise full of welfare recipients (some of which are milking the system) and rich people. What about the middle class? I work hard over 40 hours a week and between my wife and I we get by… barely. Where’s our affordable housing? Why should I be forced to live in a warzone if I want a decent space?

        • BK native

          Gimme a break. You’re sick and tired of no help for the middle class? Holy have two incomes coming in. There’s plenty of areas in Brooklyn that aren’t shitholes or sardine cans where a family with two incomes can get by with no problems. You sound like a whiny, kvetching old lady. Sure, if you’re scared to take a train past say..Park slope..than you better take a second job. But, there’s loads of areas in South Brooklyn, as well as West..Bensonhurst, Bay Ridge, Sunset park etc…where you can easily find an apartment for a couple that won’t break the bank. And if not, than try going without cable tv, internet, one of your two cars, your Starbucks, or any number of things that to poor people are luxuries. You sound like a chronic complainer. Yeah, some welfare recipients scam the system. Some..Maybe 5-10%. You think there’s loads of people who wanna live on no money and $170 for one month of food? What the fuck help do you need or want? You might be sick and tired but for you to have the nerve to complain when you have two incomes coming in…you really must be the head. It’s people like you who make me sick. Sorry if you have to forgo your organic grass fed Steak being served on a silver platter. And, if you’re not happy with your living arrangements guess what…Staten island has shitloads of cheap places to live in nice areas with loads of space and a nice ferry You can take into the city for free as well as a discount on your ez pass to get over the verrazano. I’m sure they’d love to have you. Please get the hell out of Brooklyn cause this ain’t the place for whining over grown babies.

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