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Dance Dance Revolution…ary journalism: party with The Indypendent!

Radical politics and booty shakin': not necessarily mutually exclusive. via PoC Organize
Radical politics and booty shakin’: not necessarily mutually exclusive. via PoC Organize

You know who needs a party right now? Independent journalists. As mainstream gets less and less reliable and more and more, well…wacked out, maybe it’s time to celebrate all the folks who are tweeting, sharing, and tumbling us all into a higher plane of knowledge, criticsm, and snark. Join The Indypendent this Saturday for their Spring Dance Party in Bushwick. The beer is cheap, because, well, you know how it is out there.

The party’s going down at The Bushwick Starr and will feature cheap beers, two DJs, and, let’s face it, probably a lot of journalism nerds and news junkies – just like you. Cover is $10, which is on the steep side, but it’s probably worth it. You might just be supporting your future employers.

The Indypendent is worth celebrating – especially for us freelance writers – because it’s one of those publications that’s continually making its own dreams come true at a time where everyone’s trying to convince us that journalism, like punk rock, is dead. And while we can’t speak on behalf of punk, the Indypendent seems to have been beating the odds since 2000, funding their paper (which still comes out in PRINT 13 times a year) through subscriptions, donations, grants, house parties, merch, and advertising. That’s right, people are still willing to pay for content they trust.
In your FACE, Murdoch!

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