Craigslist offer of dead guy’s stamps is world’s saddest Craiglist offer

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You can have it all/My empire of stamps. via Flickr user waitscm

You come across the occasional weird thing being given away on Craigslist. Your tank full of bugs, your excess breast milk, a sex swing stand. But ever have we come across something as sad this this listing giving away a dead guy’s stamps,some used and some not used which was apparently part of his last wishes. It’s very sad, but on the other hand, if you have some wedding invitations to send out, you should stop by Fort Greene soon.

The listing, in full, reads:

From the estate of a late neighbor and friend, I have many used and some new, US and International stamps. He requested that they be given away to anyone who collects or is interested in stamps. Let me know if you would like to receive some. I have a pile of unused US stamps so can mail anywhere you want. He was a delightful man, with a great personality and it is my pleasure to carry out his wishes. This offer is just for stamps and nothing else. No dealers please. Thanks.

What drives it home for us, besides this person just casually mentioning that he’s doing it for a dead friend, is the fact that it doesn’t sound like rare, or even valuable stamps are being given away. A “pile of US stamps” suggests towers of hoarded stamps, bought for no reason and never used, because of some strange compulsion. We’re not discounting the possibility that taking the stamps will invite a ghost to haunt your letters though, so pick them up with caution.

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