Ditmas Park/ Midwood/ Flatbush

Someone in Ditmas Park is giving away ’30 to 40 ounces’ of breast milk

breast milk
Not the fridge in question, so we guess this is more common than we thought? via Flickr user Todd Stadler

Oh Craigslist. Just when we think all you are is a repository for the mentally ill to post their daily dream journals and “screenwriter” job offers that amount to, “Write this script for free and we’ll sell it to your Hollywood contacts that you have,” we come across something like a couple with “30 to 40 ounces” of pure breast milk that they’re just giving away.

Hey look, for all we know we’re showing our ignorance of parenting by being amused by this. After all, we have no kids (that we know of), so we lack very basic information about the world of parenting. Information like “How did we end up with all this extra breast milk and what do we do with it?” The milk is fresh and even comes in charming glass bottles, just like Randy the milkman used to deliver back when we lived in simpler times and not this age of miracles and wonders.

Frankly, if you ask us, we think this couple is giving up a huge cash opportunity. They could just keep the breast milk and use it to make their own breast milk ice cream or cheese. Which aren’t new of course, but once you slap a “Brooklyn” label on them and sell it at Smorgasburg or Whole Foods, you can sell them for big bucks. But hey, their loss is your budding breast milk creamery! Maybe you guys can even set up a partnership.

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