Craigslist freebie of the day: Are you gonna eat my cake?

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Your dream birthday? You're in luck.

“Free” and “cake” are each wonderful words themselves, but if you put them together, BAM. FREE CAKE, FREE CAKE! You may be less excited at today’s CL offer to bake you/your child a free cake, because, well, you don’t know who this person — who just wants to bring more cake to the children of the world — is. But if you believe this ad is really from a baking samaritan looking to share skills with the less fortunate, have at it: The author of the ad seems well-intentioned. If you prefer something else for your bday, oh, say, a poster to add to your Lenny Kravitz shrine, then look no further: a free poster signed by Lenny himself — exuding a mid-90’s, devil-may-care charisma — is up for grabs.

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