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Couple who paid $1 million for Bed-Stuy’s ‘LES-like grit’ now want $1.4 million for it

105 Lexington Avenue #4G stairs
Grit. via BK to the Fullest

Hey remember the people who moved to Bed-Stuy from the Lower East Side and paid one million dollars for the privilege because Bed-Stuy had “grit?” Apparently Bed-Stuy’s grit didn’t have enough staying power for the couple to resist uh…South Carolina, and they’re selling the previously record-setting condo for $1.4 million, according to Brownstoner, which we imagine they’ll get. God’s judgement indeed.

Now look, people who are more prone to fly off the handle than us might throw around words and phrases like “fauxhemians” and “cognitive dissonance” and “people who seem to lack the self-awareness to understand they’re doing a major part to ruin the thing they profess to love.” Which, sure, people who move to Bed-Stuy because they don’t like SoHo encroaching on the LES but also tell Brownstoner they’re constantly flipping real estate do help drive up prices and don’t exactly live up to those gritty bohemian ideals they were talking about when we last heard from them. On the other hand, maybe we should just call it a sign of restraint they’re selling the place for only a 45% markup as opposed to a 100% one.

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  1. Conal Darcy

    From the BKtothefullest page:

    “Con’s: certainly not in everyone’s budget, some people call this “Bed-Stuy”, no rental income, the days of townhomes over here for this price are long-gone”

    “Some people.” Oh, like the people who live there? Those whom you’re displacing by casually announcing that $1.4 million shouldn’t be enough to buy a townhouse “over here.”

    Fuck these vultures.

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