Flyers promise ‘God’s wrath’ is coming for Carroll Gardens gentrifiers

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Whoever this is, she’s very right about one thing: Don’t stand in the way on the corner. via Pardon Me For Asking

Someone’s been going around Carroll Gardens posting flyers with a special message for all yuppies and hipsters. Pardon Me For Asking spotted the above notice for those of you overrunning the neighborhood’s streets with your bicycles, cigarette butts and stoop sale flyers: “GODS WRATH IS UPON ALL OF YOU.”

Tell us something we don’t know!

God’s wrath has indiscriminately been bearing down on Brooklyn for a while now. Sometimes it’s in the form of construction boondoggles, sometimes it’s bedbugs, and very often it’s signal delays.

Blasphemy aside, going after transplants with a message that’s probably better directed at higher powers like developers and slumlords probably isn’t the most effective way to enact change. Also, the natives vs. newcomers argument is a a bit of a fallacy, especially when you consider almost 40% of Brooklyn’s residents are immigrants. We don’t condone people being lousy members of their communities, but gentrification has bigger consequences than loud, loitering hipsters, and messages like this trivialize bigger issues like, say, the loss of affordable housing.

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