If Columbus wants the DNC, they can have it

Brooklyn DNC
If this is what Columbus wants, they can have it. Best photoshop of 2K14 by Chris Giganti

The DNC coming to Brooklyn is still a thing that people talk about, despite the fact that in a rare show of solidarity, police unions and trusty bloggers are on the same side of saying “Don’t do it.”  They see things different over at the Brooklyn Paper though, with the team there wanting it so bad that they decided to pick a fight with fellow finalist Columbus, Ohio and lay out why they think Columbus is an undeserving garbage town, which drew a snippy response from the Columbus Dispatch. Guys, let’s not fight. If Columbus wants the shitty pageantry of a political convention, they can have it.

Far be it from us to tell people not to insult non-New York towns, but come on, let’s think about this for just a second. No one wins when your city gets a political convention. All you get is traffic snarl and surly Secret Service agents and Don Lemon and heightened terror threats. And for what? A brief bump in hotel revenue? We’ve already got tourists here, so many that we have to debate strict measures to keep them from climbing on the Brooklyn Bridge like it’s a jungle gym. We don’t need some chintzy political convention to show the world how great we are because our whole bit is supposed to be not giving a shit.

Brooklyn looks worse for engaging in this kind of low-level slapfight better reserved for cities thirsty enough for recognition and approval that they’ll beg and plead and elbow each other for something that is so clearly a booby prize. Let Columbus walk away with it, Christ even let Philadelphia walk away with this one. Then, after they think they’ve “won,” we can all make fun of people there tweeting about the traffic and security situation for an entire weekend.

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