NYPD union comes out against DNC in Brooklyn, since New York is a crime-ridden hellhole

fear city
This is where we’re at now, according to the NYPD

When it comes to the DNC in Brooklyn, there are powerful forces in favor and opposed to it. In favor of it, you’ve got the Clintons and the Democratic establishment in New York City. On the other side, you’ve got a delegation of bloggers as handsome as they are funny. Apparently the police union agrees with us, the handsome bloggers though, with the Sergeants Benevolent Association head Ed Mullins on a media tour agains the idea of the DNC coming here. Why? Because New York is back to being a crime-filled cesspool with weak ineffectual liberals at the helm.

OK, so Mullins didn’t use those words¬†exactly while discussing his union’s opposition to the DNC setting up camp here. He did, though, tell the DNC to take their convention somewhere else in an open letter that ran in newspapers, because the city is once again stuck with squeegee men and con men, shootings and unhappy cops who we guess wouldn’t do anything to prevent Nancy Pelosi from being shaken-down by an aggressive Times Square Elmo. Mullins told the¬†Daily News that running the ad was “a matter of public safety.”

While some people will probably deride the sudden opposition as a cheap stunt, and point to things like the city’s declining homicide rate, and the obvious fear-mongering that Mullins has engaged in when the police have been subject to even the slightest criticism after the death of Eric Garner, we say come aboard boys! The anti-DNC tent is a big tent, and besides, with the upcoming throwback subway film series, everyone’s in a nostalgic mood anyway. If you need a cheap place to print up some Fear City brochures, let us know!


  1. Conal Darcy

    I think what he means is he wants to keep violent politicians out of the city. I hear one of the 2016 campaign platforms is selling loose cigarettes.

  2. Oh, wait ’till we get some good old fashion mayhem going again in the city!
    You won’t be snarking it up when some thug puts you in a wheel chair for the rest of your life stealing that iPhone of yours. Ha-ha-ha, all you hipsters who moved here have NO IDEA what you’re in for. Do you think people just abandoned buildings because someone was jumping a turnstile or selling cigarettes?

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