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Celebrate Habana Outpost reopening (and Earth Day) this Saturday

There's more than one way to make a smoothie
There’s more than one way to make a smoothie

As the weather becomes naturally more warmer, we look for signs of summer everywhere, like say, the re-opening of Habana Outpost. And oh, what do you know, it’s this Saturday. And while the frigid winter might have had you welcoming a future marked by global warming, the environment still needs some of tender lovin’ care courtesy of the people of Earth. So Habana Outpost, which already has already had their bathrooms recognized for eco-friendliness, is hosting their sixth annual Earth Day Expo when they open, which will feature tons of fun (and free!) activities that’ll help you keep the greenery green.

The Cuban restaurant is totally solar-powered, and since the sun disappeared for a few months, they’ve been shuttered for the season. But they’ll reopen April 13th for the spring, summer and fall, and they’ve got lots of eco-ey things on tap to celebrate. From noon to 4 p.m., grab a smoothie made by a human bike-blender, check out a composting demo by the NYC Compost Project in Brooklyn, drop off your old electronics for recycling courtesy of the LES Ecology Center  and get some free packets of wildflower seeds and nature collage kits, which are presumably for children but, hey, art is art! Stop by, have a drink, spit on styrofoam and save the Earth!

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