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Brooklyn, where even our crappers are envied

Fort Greene’s Habana Outpost is in the running for America’s Best Bathroom, some sort of contest put on by Cintas to determine the country’s superlative environs in which to take a dump. It sound like the Grammys of restaurant awards, but, whatever, BK pride! We certainly spend a lot of time there, what with Habana’s $2.75 beers, free Sunday movies and delicious corn, and can say those are indeed some of the nicest crappers around: they’ve got rain water recycling and tropical environs. So go vote for it, why not? [via The Local]

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  1. Danielle

    I love you and your awesome bathroom, Habana Outpost! Beers are cheap and that corn is flippin fantastic. They really want to win this contest. Someone who works there was even campaigning outside of the bathrooms. So go vote!

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