Call your girlfriend: It’s the last Robyn dance party ever

Saying goodbye to Glasslands the only way we know how: sweating glitter and girl power. (Image via "Dancing on My Own")
Saying goodbye to Glasslands the only way we know how: sweating glitter and girl power.

Konichiwa, bitches. We’re still mourning the death of some of Williamsburg’s iconic venues, most recently Death by Audio and Glasslands. But before Glasslands stops paying the ConEd bill, they’re giving us one final Robyn dance party to sweat glitter and dance on our own. And when we say final, we mean FINAL. This is the last Robyn dance party this experienced crew of Robyn dance party throwers is ever putting on.

This Party is Killing You: Robynsgiving, AKA The Last Robyn Party goes down on Friday, November 28, and we can’t think of a more perfect post-turkey calorie burner. Adventure[s] (the wild and crazy guys that supply the party) are promising that 2015 will keep the good times rolling in other venues, but that they will not be bringing the beloved Robyn dance party into the new year, so clear your schedule and wear something sparkly because this is literally your last chance to join in on the only party in Brooklyn dedicated to our favorite Swedish Tinkerbell with serious pipes and booty-shaking beats.

This could be you on November 28

If you’re not aware of the illustrious history of This Party is Killing You, it’s a Robyn-centric dance party that was birthed at Public Assembly (RIP) in 2012, then migrated to The Bell House, and now has (or had) a permanent residency at Glasslands, which is sadly drawing to a close. This event is bound to be historic (and definitely wind up sold out), and it’s only $5 bucks. Get your ticket in advance and prepare to let your body talk, because you’re indestructible, even if Glasslands isn’t.

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