Bed Stuy/ Bushwick

Bushwick’s getting a new hotel, because everyone can’t crash on your couch

the bushwick hotel
Oh so you’re all too fancy for The Bushwick Hotel now, huh?

Bushwick is the hot new destination for Vogue writers and tourists of all stripes, but the problem is that they don’t have friends there with couches for them to crash on. They don’t want to stay in Manhattan like some kind of sucker either, they know what’s up, and per DNA Info, they won’t have to starting this fall, because a big-ass hotel is opening on Beaver Street. Finally, somewhere you can tell your parents to stay when they see you, so you can still chase tail at the bar.

The hotel, which is currently unnamed, will be 8 stories tall and contain 116 rooms, which is bigger than the nearby Sumner Hotel and absolutely dwarfs the Bushwick Hotel, seen above, which we guess we’re all gonna act like we’re too fancy for from now on, huh? What, just because you realize you forgot your keys when you’re real drunk and try to stay there and they wake you up in two hours telling you to get out because it’s not one those hotels where you cans stay a whole night, suddenly it’s not a place you recommend to friends and family that are in town? What are they, royalty all of a sudden?

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