Budweiser is so thirsty for Brooklyn

Booklynites are already fine with Budweiser. Why they gotta be so thirsty?

We don’t know what it is with Budweiser lately, man. First they launch an ad campaign built around trying to get millennials to buy faux-vintage crates of beer. Then they called people who like craft beer (plenty of millennials in big cities) a bunch of queers with their defiant Super Bowl ad making fun of the very idea of drinking beer that tastes good. Now just a few weeks later, they’re back to trying to get us to like them, by setting up a blind taste test designed to trick Brooklynites into saying nice things about how the beer tastes before revealing it as Budweiser. Make up your minds, guys.

In the above video (via Ad Age), named “This Bud’s for Brooklyn,” Budweiser sets up a hidden taste test in an unnamed Brooklyn bar, and like every blind taste test ever set to film, purports to show that we’re all a bunch of dummies for not believing that macrobrew beer can…taste good? Or something, it’s all kind of unclear. What is clear is that Budweiser so very badly wants the approval of the young urbanites who are choosing craft beer, to the point where they’re flirting with us like a bunch of ten-year-olds. First with the hitting, then they offer us some Airheads at lunch.

Guys, it’s fine, this all isn’t necessary. We like you well enough, just not enough to drink whenever possible, forever. Especially with the summer coming up, we’re getting into prime “Brooklynites buying Budweiser season.” Keep this weird, alienating, thirsty shit up though, and the next thing you know, Brooklyn Brewery is going to come out with an AmeriCan of their own. And obviously we’ll go for that because they don’t alternately kick us in the shin and then try to kiss us.

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