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Budweiser uses Super Bowl ad to declare war on Brooklyn

Last night’s Super Bowl had many highlights: Chris “Hardball” Matthews coming out of nowhere to almost be MVP, Katy Perry’s confused sharks, possibly the worst football call of all time and on top of all that, Budweiser coming out and declaring they fucking hate microbrews, mustaches and people who want their beer to taste like something. So much for Bud’s hipster outreach program.

budweiser brewed hard

Unless you were already four Sixpoint Resins deep by the time the “Brewed Hard” ad ran, you definitely saw it. Pounding Justice-lite soundtrack and words and images letting us know that Budweiser isn’t about this microbrew shit. They’re macrobrew, no scratch that MACROBREW and they’re proud. You fucking pansies can have your IPAs and stouts and beer with notes of chocolate and pumpkin and tree bark or whatever. Budweiser will just be over here LIFTING, BRO and you lousy hippies can join them for a beer you DRINK anytime you want.

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