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BrooklynKnight coming to hang out with kids, teach them science

Science, bitches. Via ZNN Online.
Science, bitches. Via ZNN Online.

So obviously there are plenty of places to cavort around Brooklyn, but what about the children? Ah yes, the children of Brooklyn. While us 20-somethings are running about acting like drunk babies, apparently there are actual babies in this borough too (some drunk, some not), and they need something to do, dammit. And that’s why the BrooklynKnight, the Nets’ official superhero, is visiting the Brooklyn Children’s Museum this Sunday at 1:30.

That’s right, in addition to holding sneaker competitions with Fabolous and hanging out with their moms, the Nets also have their very own superhero, who will be signing autographs, taking photos, and maybe even teaching some science over at the Children’s Museum (145 Brooklyn Avenue, Crown Heights) as part of their Superhero Science program. This is a great opportunity for folks with kids, and maybe even a better one for those of you who get paid to take care of other people’s kids.

We all know that children are the future blah blah, so why not introduce them to some neat stuff? After all, no one ever told us it was cool to be smart, and look at how we turned out. The event is for ages 4 and up, so if you’re interested in magnets or optics or gravity, find some four-year-olds stat, and take ’em to the museum.

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