Love Brooklyn, impress Fabolous, win basketball tickets

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It’s true: Fabolous really loves Brooklyn. via Brooklyn Nets.

The Nets want you to know that they’re in Brooklyn. They really, really want you to know just how Brooklyn they are, and so this Sunday, they’re going to prove it, not just with art, not just with fresh kicks, but with a sneaker-themed art contest judged by Brooklyn rapper Fabolous, songmaster of “You Be Killin’ Em” fame.

The Barclays Center has certainly had more than one labor pain since it opened back in September, but that, of course, doesn’t mean the Nets are necessarily to blame. Evidently, they’ve been doing all sorts of cool community-like things, like walking neighborhood kids to school, or hanging out in Brooklyn with their moms. See? They’re normal, everyday super-rich professional athletes, just like you and me.

Tomorrow, Nets players will be finding a little more common ground with streetwear fashionistas and artists when they host a sneaker design competition at Long Island University’s Cyber Café, on DeKalb Avenue. Up to 100 contestants in two age categories will be provided with sneakers, markers, and other art supplies with which to impress Fabolous.

The winner will airwalk away with two tickets to a Nets game and a little bit of street cred to show off to their mom.

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