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The best discount designer clothing in Brooklyn

alice-and-oliviaMaybe you saw us squawking about this store on News 12 yesterday. Every so often we stumble across one of those shops or eateries that makes us go all broka-quiver, in the words of a great man we know. The merch is so irresistible, and the prices so unreasonably low, that our hearts race, our hands tremble and we roam around in a daze mumbling “omigod…” This is that place.

We’d never heard of Fox’s, a 10-year-old designer discount store in Midwood, until Brokelyn reader Lori Raphael sent us a tip. And honestly, there’s a part of us that wants to keep it to ourselves to preserve what little sanity remains of the shopping experience there. But how could we not share the news about a store—the only NYC outpost of a mini-chain—that has racks and racks of wonderful, this-season things we really want to wear: Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Taylor, Tracey Reese, Cynthia Steffe, Shoshanna, and all these other interesting designers we’ve never heard of but are thrilled to discover. We could go on and on. So let’s.


A Marc by Marc Jacobs blazer: normally $338, here for $39. We ask the manager Susan where this stuff comes from. “Our owner,” she said, “is a very… nice person.” We’ll say…


Our head style scout, children’s clothing designer Eliza Gran, zeroes in on a liberty print shirt from Ben Sherman: normally $139, here for $21. “This is an amazing print,” she said. “I work with this one all the time. The fabric alone in this shirt practically costs more than $21.”


Eliza gets all peasanty while New 12’s adorable Heather Abraham films her. “I love it. It’s sort of Mexican and sort of Asian,” Eliza said. And it was only $21, so into her shopping bag it went.


Wouldn’t this silk top look pretty with some white jeans, either dressed up with metallic sandals or funkified with woody platforms? By Ryu, $39.


Ever hear of designer Gi Gi Florence? We hadn’t either. “But that would make such a great wedding dress,” Eliza said, “for $49!”


Another one for Eliza’s closet: a Rebecca Taylor top, $59. “How cute is this?” she said. As we were leaving, we heard manager Susan telling a customer that everything is 10 percent off between 10 and noon. And we have it on good information that the delivery trucks pull up every morning at 11. So get there early. And let us know how you did.

Fox’s, 923 Kings Highway, 718-645-3620.


  1. Biana

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