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The 2016 Beer Books are coming soon, so tell us your favorite new beer bars!

If you wanna go back to Beer Street with the next Beer Book, let us know! Photo by Patrick Phillips
If you wanna go back to Beer Street with the next Beer Book, let us know! Photo by Patrick Phillips

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to discover more awesome bars and drink more beer this year, you’re in luck: the Brooklyn Beer Book is back!

Thanks to the popularity of the Beer Books’ very simple and very budget-friendly offering — 30 beers at 30 bars for 30 bucks — 2016 marks our sixth year (and eleventh and twelfth editions) of bringing the best beer in Brooklyn to you, our savvy readers, for a buck a piece. Even sweeter is that those beers are served at our (and your) favorite bars and restaurants in the borough. But — we’re looking for more.

Each edition of the Brooklyn Beer Book is lovingly curated to lead you to the best beer in Brooklyn. With the craft beer resurgence in the borough, it’s not hard to come up with a stellar list of beer-centric bars and eateries. But, at the end of the day, these books are made for you, so we’re asking: who do you want to see in the Brooklyn Beer Book this year?

Our 2015 editions included such renowned beer slingers as Brooklyn Brewery, Beer Street, Brouwerij Lane,  St. Gambrinus and Threes Brewing. Want to see those again? Hoping for new places we haven’t featured yet? Let us know in the comments.

Brooklyn Beer Book 11 (Upper Brooklyn) and Beer Book 12 (Middle Brooklyn) will be available to buy in February, so keep an eye out for updates and make sure you set an alarm for the day of — these babies sell out fast.

Bar owner with a venue you’d like to see in the Brooklyn Beer Book? Contact Cat Wolinski at beeraffair (at)


  1. Wheated was fantastic. Would love to see them back for the beer book and added to the cocktail book!

    Threes Brewing was a highlight too

    Ox Cart
    The Clover Club
    Uncle Barry’s

  2. goaquebogue

    Even all of Italy knows that the best drink to pair with any pizza is a good beer. Why not make a list of 30 slices from 30 pizzerias for 30 bucks as well? I can help with the selection of brooklyn’s finest 30 pizzerias.

  3. Cindie

    Can’t wait for the new books to come out!

    In Middle Brooklyn: Givers & Takers is a great new bar with a good beer list, I would love to see them in there this year.

  4. Lauren

    Other Half’s taproom on Centre
    Bricolage on 5th ave

    It would be cool if Whole Foods taproom participated, but they are probably too big business. Don’t know.

    Also places I’d like to see repeated:
    Owl Farm!!!!!
    Mission Dolores
    Threes Brewing!!!

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