Bar Guide 2015

Bars We Love: Park yourself on Beer Street!

Photo by Patrick Phillips

Beer Street
413 Graham Ave. (Jackson and Withers), East Williamsburg,

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What it is: An intimate bar, previously a bottle shop, with a constantly rotating, expertly curated selection of craft beers from home and around the world.

Why we love it: The bottle shop turned bar is a shrine for beer lovers. It stands out in its simplicity; a tight selection of beers you either haven’t heard of, didn’t know were released yet or couldn’t find; quiet staff who will open up if you ask them a question about your beer; and an unhurried, relaxing vibe that’ll make you want to stay for hours.

Simply put, Beer Street specializes in great beer. Their 10 drafts regularly range from local newbie brews, boasting impressive recipes and astonishing ABVs, to classic drafts that anyone can enjoy (not too classic, though – you won’t find Bud Light here). Each visit is a chance to try something new, whether from the rotating taps or hard-to-find bottles that we’re glad they didn’t let go of after remodeling.

What to order: Try the latest from Barrier, a Long Island brewery that’s not afraid to take chances, or flex your beer muscle with Other Half’s latest hop explosion.

Regular tip: There are always brewers in town, casks to hammer or taps to be taken over. Stop by for one of Beer Street’s afternoon events and you might be able to swipe a few tastes of something special with have the ones who made there to tell you about it.

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