Brokesters, assemble! And 17 other free things to do this week

Not a sight you want to wake up to
Not a sight you want to wake up to

1. Learn how to market the goods you make in your living room, so as to avoid editors deleting your pitch emails and consumers not buying them (Monday)

2. It’s Word‘s turn to host Books Beneath the Bridge, and they’re planning on giving a five borough literature tour of the city with authors from each borough. No walking required! (Monday)

3. Avengers, assemble! At Coney Island, where there’s a free screening of your cinematic adventures. Wait, why would the Avengers watch a movie about themselves? (Monday)

4. Revel in some nihilism, Oliver Stone-style when Mama Joy’s shows Natural Born Killers in their backyard (Monday)

5. Punk rocker Chris Terry stops by Mellow Pages to read from his new novel and talk about his bi-racal upbringing (Tuesday)

6. Watch An American Tail down at Marine Park, to see the immigrant story of America told through cute cartoon mice. Note: No transplants allowed (Tuesday)

7. Celebrate Rob Sheffield’s new book at powerHouse Arena by listening to a passage from it and then with karaoke. Note: No “Don’t Stop Believing” allowed (Tuesday)

8. Oysters: good for more than just eating and making you horny. Find out how exactly they’re helping the New York harbor with a tour at the Brooklyn Bridge Park (Tuesday)

9. The Rock Shop has a new standup comedy series, A Punchline Grows in Brooklyn, so go water it with your laughter (Tuesday)

10. Paul Yoon, a 5 under 35 pick by the National Book Foundation, reads from his debut novel at Greenlight. Check it out and be really jealous of his youth and success (Wednesday)

11. SummerScreen continues with a movie about a bus that has to speed around the city keeping its speed over fifty, and if its speed drops, the bus explodes. It’s called The Bus That Couldn’t Slow Down Speed (Wednesday)

12. The Azerbaijan A/V Club has flown all the way from Azerbaijan to Bushwick to start their monthly residency at Goodbye Blue Monday. Note: Band is not really from Azerbaijan (Thursday)

13. Get some feedback on that screenplay you’ve wasted your summer on at Brooklyn Launchpad’s screenwriter’s workshop and meetup (Thursday)

14. Spend an evening enjoying words from two writers from Fort Greene’s own small publisher Ig Publishing. And maybe ask them what’s up with that name, Ig (Thursday)

15. Hey all you yats out there: See Beasts of the Southern Wild at the Prospect Park bandshell with a live band doing the scoring. Really, you can also see it if you’re not from New Orleans (Thursday)

16. In other soundtrack news, you can see Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me get a whole new soundtrack live. Presumably it’ll still be really really weird though (Friday)

17. Tattoo parlor Eight of Swords celebrates two years of inking you up and breaking your mother’s heart with artwork and food and wine and revelry (Friday)

18. The Crappy Cinema Council explosively moves to a new home and celebrates it explosively by delving into the world of action. Explosions abound (Friday)

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